Personal safety and testing

Here are the guidelines for the 4 basic checks to ensure personal safety


You need to complete a building project for your client (internal or external)
You need to do this by a very strict deadline
You need to guarantee safety and services for the occupants
That the contractors have gone too far and neglected basic safety provisions
That the project management has not been sufficiently effective
That it is not possible to identify and intervene in these problems


Then you need a specialist to explain the situation, to empower your business and the management of the project and to reveal the truth about your installations.



We don’t just document the commissioning: we get involved with the installations


We are also set up to test mechanical, electrical and special installations, unlike those who only do commissioning.


We deliver testing that you can trust because, coming from a complex systems engineering background, we know all the secrets


We provide testing and commissioning in a single package

The differences between testing and commissioning

Commissioning oversees the process of planning, construction and putting a system into service
Testing gives a picture of the result obtained at project completion, and reports any anomalies

Why should testing and commissioning be combined?

1. It eliminates the need for duplicate checks

2. There is only one point of contact for mandatory third-party activities vis-a-vis the company and project management

3. Testing times are reduced

Testimonials And References

With its CommissionLab division, Planex tested the mechanical, electrical and special systems for an important project in Rome, allowing us to give the end user a renovated, fully functional and safe historic building within the contractually established timeframe, as per the client's request.

Lorenzo Verga, Architect
Project Manager Contract Division at Paolo Castelli SpA

CommissionLab Journal


Collaudare non serve! Soldi buttati!

Lo pensava il responsabile degli asset immobiliari di un gruppo industriale fino a quando gli abbiamo suggerito di farci dare un’occhiata all’interno dei controsoffitti: quelli del suo bellissimo edificio, nuovo, costato milioni di Euro…


ATTENZIONE! Se al momento di occupare l’edificio ci sono problemi con gli impianti, rischi la tua carriera! II puntata…

… posso raccontarvi questa storia perchè Andrea ci incaricò dei collaudi degli impianti di climatizzazione, degli impianti elettrici e degli impianti speciali di quel prestigioso edificio …


ATTENZIONE! Se al momento di occupare l’edificio ci sono problemi con gli impianti, rischi la tua carriera! I puntata…

Finalmente il telefono ha smesso di suonare! Andrea è il responsabile dello sviluppo immobiliare di un grande gruppo industriale ed è in un momento di…


The third-party specialist revealing the truth about your systems.
We are the first commissioning authority in Italy to be certified by Ashrae, the global authority for systems engineering.

We are a specialised business unit of the Planex engineering group.
All CommissionLAB specialists have over ten years’ experience in design and project management  for complex systems: they know all the tricks.

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